A wedding day checklist is possibly the longest checklist of any social occasion. Nothing is left to chance, from choosing the perfect venue, right down to ensuring that the brides lipstick matches the bridesmaids shoes. This is a day of fine detail! But what about security? Do you have that covered on your big day?

This is the one area that often gets over looked, despite the many months, sometimes years involved in planning, not to mention the huge cost associated with this one day.

In what event would I need security at my wedding?

With the average wedding costing circa £20,000, there is a lot of expectation riding on this day. A day that could be easily ruined by an alcohol fuelled brawl, or guests personal belongings going missing. Not to mention a table full of expensive gifts that could be seen as rich pickings for a wedding crasher, or the more common ‘post box’ where guests post cards containing cash.

Do you have a free bar? Individuals taking advantage of this kind gesture can result in things getting out of hand very quickly without a level of discreet supervision. Some cultures even require that money be pinned to the brides dress, an amount that often runs into tens of thousands of pounds. But this is your wedding day, Ok the alcohol is flowing but the mood is high, nothing could go wrong surely? Wrong! Many a bride is left devastated when money, gifts and personal belongings go missing, or alcohol fuelled estranged family members cross paths – a situation that occurs all too often.

Do I really want security patrolling my wedding?

But what does security tell your guests? That you don’t trust them? Or you are concerned for both them and their belongings?

Of course, obvious security is vulgar, and is often seen more as a status symbol than anything else. Therefore, it is imperative that the security at your wedding is discreet enough not to be obvious, yet apparent enough to deter potential problems. Sniffer dogs mooching around your guests handbags is really not necessary. However a guest list to ensure only your chosen guests are allowed in, for example, is one aspect of security that may well save you untold problems.

How much security do I need?

Your wedding in unique to you, and your security will also be tailor made to work with your chosen style of wedding. The key is communication from the outset to ensure that through practical prior planning, on the day of the event you and your guests can enjoy the atmosphere while your security team take care of all security needs.

It is also very important to make sure that the security company that you chose are registered. Anyone can don a suite and ear piece and claim to be security. However, you certainly don’t want your security creating problems that otherwise may not have occurred! Therefore, chose reputable company with a good portfolio, testimonials and professionally trained staff.

Here at Summit, we will provide you with Close Protection licensed individuals whom are FPOS trained (First Person On Scene) for your event whom are ex-military or from a police background. Our staff are immaculate in dress, personable and approachable, and there to ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Really, every bride should say ‘I Do’ to her wedding day security.