Close Protection Training Course

Obtaining a Close Protection qualification is the first step towards obtaining an SIA License to work as a Close Protection Officer (CPO). If you are looking to work as a bodyguard, or the higher end of security, this is the right course for you.

Being a Close Protection Officer can be extremely demanding and requires in-depth knowledge and training. This means the Close Protection Training Course covers a broad range of skills, from threat assessment, operational planning and reconnaissance, to vehicle techniques, search procedures and close protection teamwork.

By completing the Close Protection Training course through us you are guaranteed that your instructor has completed Close Protection work in some of the most hostile environments in the World, to include Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa as an example. All instructors are ex-military having served within the British Army, Parachute Regiment or Royal Marine Commandos and hold a vast experience of Close Protection in the military and civilian sector. These professional skills and experience, together with realistic real life scenario training are what set our courses apart.

To allow ample time to teach the broad range of skills required, the Close Protection course runs over 14 days and consists of three units:
  • 1 Working in the Private Security Industry.
  • 2 Working as a Close Protection Operative.
  • 3 Conflict Management.
In addition to the minimum course content required by the SIA, our course can also includes the following elements (may incur additional costs):
  • 1 First Aid at Work + Defibrillator Training
  • 2 Evasive Driving and/or Convoy Driving
  • 3 Introduction to Short Firearms
  • 4 Close Combat Training
  • 5 Anti Ambush Training

Please note: Candidates who do not currently hold a formal medical qualification will be required to take the FPOSi course, as a bolt on as the SIA stipulate there is to be a First Aid Qualification in place when applying for a Close Protection License.

Courses are packed with theory and practical activities to keep you engaged throughout the course. The training is intense and some exercises will finish late therefore candidates must be prepared for a demanding period of instruction. We intentionally make the course fast paced to fully prepare candidates for the reality of life as a Close Protection Operative.

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